There are 17,128 internally displaced households consisting of 75,300 people in Burundi. The main cause for displacements remains natural disasters such as torrential rains, floods, landslides, and heavy winds, which are responsible for 89% of the displacements. It is important to note that 56% of the IDPs are children and 11% are returnees who unfortunately became IDPs.

Displacement Tracking Matrix - October 2022

Hembura (Restore)


Location: Bubanza, Bujumbura Mairie, Bujumbura and Makamba
Program duration: January 2020 – December 2023
Partners: Social Action for Development (S.A.D.) and Holland Greentech
Supported by: Universitas Foundation

Help a Child launched the Hembura Project in 2020 to facilitate the reintegration of IDP households by assisting them with cash aid for emergency shelter, NFI kits, food aid, and micro-loans for business.

Due to evolving needs of communities and populations affected by natural disasters, in 2022, the project transitioned from providing emergency relief aid to contributing towards sustainable solutions for IDP households to be effectively reintegrated. In partnership with SAD and Holland Green Tech, Help a Child launched a pilot Climate Smart Agriculture project with the objective of improving food security, nutrition, and livelihood conditions of IDP households.

250 IDP households were trained on modern farming, managing savings and loan groups, parenting, child protection, early childhood education, and social cohesion. Collectively they engaged in farming vegetables and fruits to support their children and families in the Sobel IDP relocation site.

Ambition 2023
In 2023 the project will support 250 IDP households with small-scale business grants to facilitate their transition into reintegration communities doing business in the formal sector.

Key results


IDP households apply climate-smart agriculture


Children supported through Early Childhood Development


solar water pump and 2 water tanks built


IDP households received cash for shelter