Child Protection

Children make up 50% of those affected in humanitarian crises and are disproportionately impacted by conflict and crisis. Throughout 2020 and 2021, COVID-19, conflict, and climate change have been impacting children at an unprecedented scale, putting them at risk and driving displacement, poverty, and violence.

Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

Our aim

With children being at the center of its mission, Help a Child strengthens policies, systems and laws, designed to protect children from harm. Within our projects and programs, this is done in many ways. 

Main activities

  • Establishment and strengthening of child protection committees and child rights clubs;
  • Support of communities to develop child protection (by)laws;
  • Making the link between communities, government bodies, and social services involved in child protection;
  • Development and implementation of Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support programs for (young) children and their caregivers;
  • Facilitation of parenting training and community dialogues to bring adults together around several child protection topics.
Facilitator Susan from Wau, South Sudan, reading a story about the hare and the river. The young children in the room hang on to every word while, unintentionally, the feelings of Bob the hare are reflected in their eyes and faces. Fear, excitement, disappointment, relief… Most of the children, only 5-7 years old, are from internally displaced households that have experienced a lot of violence and hardship during the conflict. Through storytelling and indirect learning, they collect tools and strategies to cope with everyday stress and negative feelings.

Child Protection
Impact report (2022)

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Child Protection Impact report 2022