Health, WASH and Nutrition

Internally displaced people and returnees living in camps or other temporary places in Burundi, in many cases, lack access to safe water, nutritious food, sanitation, and basic health care. Moreover, often households who do live in permanent residence, still struggle to have access to clean water and other basic facilities. Health care and nutrition are often not sufficiently available for people with disabilities, people with HIV or other health problems, young children, and pregnant and lactating mothers.

Together with expert partners such as World Food Program and UNHCR, Help a Child Burundi assists people in places where support is most needed. Help a Child:

  • Coordinates distribution of water, soap, food and non-food items;
  • Facilitates awareness-raising programs on COVID-19 and other health & hygiene topics;
  • Strengthens community structures to advocate for access to basic health care, water, and sanitation facilities.
  • Identifies vulnerable children, adults, and households, linking them to the right support services.
  • Facilitates community awareness programs in relation to MPHSS and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.


Sustainable Development Goals
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