Our impact

Worldwide, more and more children and families are in need. Conflict and insecurity have increased, while global warming has pushed ever more families out of their homes and jobs. Against this background, Help a Child is raising its game to give more, better, and faster support to children and communities. This means scaling up effective approaches such as our Parenting Challenge, being creative in harnessing resources, for example through our charity shops, and seeking new partnerships for co-creation.

In our programs, we are using clever ways to reach more households at the same, or even less, expense. By training ‘model farmers’, for example, who in turn pass on knowledge and skills to others. And by working with hundreds of passionate community facilitators, the vital pillars of our group-based approach. In our impact report, we show the results of determination, made possible by the great support given in many ways. The need is high. So is our ambition.

In 2022, Help a Child supported:


children and youth




self-help and farmer groups