Our impact

2023 was once more a year of global challenges. An unprecedented number of people worldwide were displaced from their homesteads and had to flee or find shelter elsewhere. At the same time, there is a decrease in official development aid and support for the least developed countries worldwide and a decline in international solidarity. Despite these challenges, we are grateful that we succeeded in our mission to give more, better, and faster support to children and communities in 2023. Standing firm in turbulent times, we saw growing interest in our way of working for children and engaging communities. Our early childhood development expertise area has attracted more attention internationally, which is very promising. We found that staying focused on what we do well pays off. In our impact report, we show the results of determination, made possible by the great support given in many ways. The need is high. So is our ambition.

In 2023, Help a Child supported:


children and youth




self-help and farmer groups