Child-Centered Community Development

Locations: Cibitoke, Rutovu, Kirundo
Project timeline: 2015 – 2023
Partners: Help Channel, Fecabu, RCBIF
Supported by: Dutch private sponsors

Improving the living conditions of children by strengthening their community livelihood and resiliency capacity. That is the ultimate aim of the Child-Centered Community Development Program, implemented in various communes in Cibitoke, Rutovu, and Kirundo. After a participatory design phase in 2015, the program implementation took off in cooperation with Help Channel (Cibitoke and Rutovu) and Fecabu (Kirundo). One of the backbone activities of the CCCD program has been to establish and strengthen self-help groups and overarching Cluster Level Associations. Through the capacity building of these and other community structures, we work towards sustainable improvement of child wellbeing in the targeted areas. As the program almost comes to an end, in this last phase, we focus on a good handover and closure of the program. It is almost time for the communities to take the lead in their own hands. 

Project locations

Main results December 2022


children supported


youth supported through TVET and AVET


self-help and farmer group members supported