Empowered 2 Protect


Location: Musasa Refugee Camp (Ngozi)
Project timeline: 2021-2022
Partners: Invi World, Social Action for Development (SAD)
Supported by: Dutch Relief Alliance

E2P is a community-based SGBV protection awareness package that includes an innovative non-violent SGBV prevention tool: the Invi Bracelet. SGBV stands for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. The program combines long-term protection with a rapid protection tool, resulting in changed gender views on a community level and the ability to defend oneself in a non-violent way. Help a Child conducted a pilot phase of the E2P project in the Musasa refugee and the E2P package was furthermore introduced in the sub-sector group in Burundi with promising results. Over the course of 12 months, there was a reduction in SGBV cases in the Musasa refugee camp and the project contributed towards increased awareness of high prevalence areas for SGBV as well as referral service providers for persons at risk to contact. Help a Child’s ambition is to help enhance the programs of humanitarian and development actors with an SGBV prevention methodology that is easy to adopt and ready-to-use.

Main results


adults-at-risk trained on SGBV prevention


Invi bracelets distributed


key stakeholder network strengthened on SGBV prevention mechanisms

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