Addressing Root Causes of Conflict (ARC) Burundi

The ARC programme was launched by the Dutch Foreign Ministry in 2016. ARC is designed to support organisations to address the root causes of armed conflict, instability and migration. In Burundi, two ARC programmes were implemented: Nyubahariza (under the lead of Oxfam) and Building Bridges in Burundi, coordinated by Help a Child. There was an extensive coordination between the two consortia.

The BBB Consortium, comprising Help a Child (lead), American Friends Service Committee, Cord and Stichting CMC Mensen met een Missie as well as ten implementing partners. With many thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, who funded the BBB program under the Addressing Root Causes (ARC) program.


In cooperation with: ALM, Biraturaba, CEJP, Centre Ubuntu, Fecabu, Geste Humanitaire, Help Channel, Kaz’o’zah, and THARS.