The Tamu CCCD program was initiated in 2016 and is being implemented in collaboration with African Inland Child and Community Agency for Development (AICCAD). It targets 2,357 households: 5,214 children and 483 youth aged 19-25 years.

The goal of the child-centered community development project in Tamu is improved livelihood of Tamu community through improved standards of education, community health and social- economic development of vulnerable households. We achieve this by the following pathways:

Engaging the Tamu community in the conversation surrounding early childhood development that ensures that children aged 0-8 years receive basic needs and have access to adequate nutrition, healthcare, education, and a safe and secure environment

Youth & Work
Increased self-reliance among youth (19 – 25 years) is realized through the apprenticeship program, career guidance, mentorship, and agricultural vocational skills training. The trades and skills knowledge allows the youth to become self-reliant.

Community Resilience
Training of households through organized self-help groups on modern farming techniques and improvement of their entrepreneurial capacity to work on their own social and economic empowerment by undertaking income-generating activities and/or farming as a business.