Child Development

In Kenya, 11.7 million children lack access to three or more key services like safe drinking water, nutritious food, quality housing and education.

County Poverty Profiles

To influence the development of more children, we believe in active participation of the children as part of system change at Country and County levels. Our key activities:

  • Early Childhood Development and Education: improve ECD infrastructure and promote a child friendly environment to improve enrollment and retention rates at Early Childhood Centers and primary schools.
  • Nutrition: climate smart programming, scaling up nutrition to improve young children’s feeding behaviors and practices and lobbying for access to adequate and nutritious food for school-going children.
  • Positive parenting: formation of fatherhood parleys, and empowerment of positive parenting skills of fathers by combining economic empowerment with and our parenting modules.
  • Child Protection: promoting positive social norms and behavior at household level to help prevent violence against children.

Early Childhood Education

Help a Child wants all children to receive the stimulation and care they need in the early years to develop to their full potential. Help a Child Africa applies an integrated approach for children in the age of conception up to school entry to remove barriers for their development.


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