Water, soap and trust

The support of Help a Child has been such a blessing for our community, as our area is one of the most vulnerable and lack such support,” says 32 years old Jane from Gudele, Juba (South-Sudan).
As the house of Jane was in bad state, she lacked hand washing facilities for Covid-19 prevention. When she heard about the Covid-19 response project of Help a CHild, Jane was sceptical at first, because various other organizations had visited the area but dissappeared. “Now I believe, because I witnessed that Help a Child kept it’s promise. Help a Child improved the hygiene and sanitation for my entire family. I hope that Help a Child will continue to work in our area.”
Through distribution of soap, water and masks and Covid-19 awareness, a total of 4,400 people have been supported so far since the launch of the project in August 2020.