30 years of impact in Ethiopia

With the closure of the UP MARC project in Zigiti, EKHC and Help a Child marked the end of our 30 years long partnership! It makes us sad to say goodbye, but thankful to know that we affected and improved the lives of thousands of children, families and their communities.
Some of the UP MARC project participants wanted to share their testimony. May God bless the community members, EKHC staff and all others involved in building the future of the children, youngsters and their families in Ethiopia.

Ato Abebaw: “I moved from being the poorest of the poor, to being a member of a successful Self Help Group that saved 49,000 ETB (over a 1,000 EUR) and trained two other groups. I received agricultural training and inputs, and am now able to send my children to school. My daughter was even awarded a scholarship and is attending university in Jordan”.
Dinkenesh, Head of the Early Childhood Center and Primary School: “I have listed 17 ways in which the project has supported us; from training to latrines and handwashing facilities, to playground equipment. The school and ECD center attracts more students and we see change in our community”
Shambel Shega: “The project helped us to empower us internally, now we can do anything we would like to do. Gender equality has improved, women now get opportunities. We have improved our agricultural practice and with the sheep I received, we have been able to multiply them and purchase cows. From a grass roof we are now living under corrugated iron sheets, which is a symbol of improvement.”