Every child needs peace

Is there still hope for children whose lives consist of moving from place-to-place running from rebels’ atrocity?

The security situation in Masisi territory has always been unstable. However, since 2022 it has taken a different turn. According to the IOM UN Migration Global data institute, on February 4, 2023, the Army forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) were the target of multiple M23 attacks in eastern DRC, near the town of Sake, more specifically in the villages of Karenga, Kabati and Kingi, in the Kamuronza groupement in Masisi territory. These violent clashes spread to several villages in Masisi territory, reaching the center of Mushaki, some 12 km from the town of Sake.

As if it was not enough, The M23 rebels took control of the town of Matanda, in the Masisi territory (North Kivu), following the fighting that has pitted them against the FARDC since early Friday December 22nd trying to occupy the Rugogwe-Kirumbu and Kitshanga-Kibarizo axes, as well as the Muhanga-Bashali Mukoto road.

These constant forced movements exacerbate the health risks and safety of the displaced populations calling for humanitarian help in shelter, health, and psychological support, sanitation, nutrition, Education, and protection. Women and children are the main victims; they are particularly at risk of sexual abuse and violence. People with disabilities face difficulties in accessing basic services due to several barriers, including physical barriers, and particularly the lack of reasonable accommodation for accessibility, but also a lack of services adapted to their specific needs.

There still hope! Help a Child DRC together with our partners and doners act in making sure children are safe, their well-being improved, and their rights respected by implementing programs that enhance children’s wellbeing and the community around them through education, protection, nutrition, economic empowerment, and Wash in Masisi territory, Nyiragongo territory, North-Kivu.