Birth certificate makes children in DRC visible

A special event for students and parents from three primary schools in Masisi, DRC. Recently, the first children received their own birth certificates. Over the next few weeks, a total of 1500 children will receive the document proving that they are now registered with the civil registry.

Due to the dangerous and difficult circumstances in DRC, parents are constantly fleeing with their children. Usually, it is not possible for parents to register their son or daughter within nine days of birth. As a result, many children in DRC are stateless and unprotected.

No longer invisible
Help a Child collaborates with the court in Masisi to provide children their birth certificates. This way, children gain an identity, are protected, and are no longer invisible.

During the kick-off ceremony, the two-month-old son of Furaha received the birth certificate as an example for other parents to make them aware that it is their duty to register children within nine days of birth.

Registering children in Masisi is one of the many activities under the ‘Back to School’ project, where we focus on providing quality education and trauma care for children. Over the next few weeks, in addition to receiving a birth certificate, students will also be given backpacks filled with school supplies.