ENGINE: Community Education


Year of completion: 2016
Location: Chama and Mafinga districts, Zambia

We look back on a successful implementation of the project ‘Community Education: The ENGINE of sustainable development”. The main aim of the project was to contribute to human development by improving the access to quality education and by empowering communities to mobilize additional resources for managing community schools. The project focused on thirty community schools in Chama and Mafinga (Zambia). It was implemented in cooperation with Reformed Open Community Schools (ROCS) and supported by the European Union.

Main results

+ 43%

School enrollemnt grade

37% -> 96%

Grade 7 pass grade


Teachers and PTA members trained

Besides above results, children’s councils have been set up to give the children a participatory voice to interact with their peers but also with their teachers. Finally, self-help groups with community members have been set up to improve their livelihoods and give support to lobby for additional resources. At the end of the project, 27 out of the 30 schools have managed to attract additional funding from other partners in order to help them with the construction of classrooms, teacher’s houses and toilets.

ENGINE in 13 minutes


Ramon Sanchez Orense made this beautiful documentary on the ENGINE project. It contains testimonials of students, teachers, Parent School Management committees (PCSC’s) and the wider community, and shows the impact of the project on the quality of education in Chama and Mafinga.

ROCS Endline Report