7000 bricks in Anguru

“I want all parents to support the school for the education of our children”, says Raphael, one of the parents of St. Joseph Nursery School in Anguru Village (Arivu). Parents in Anguru where not always this committed to the education of their young children, but the community development program has brought a new vibe in Anguru.

With the enrollment of over 75 children, the challenge of classrooms space occurred among other challenges. Anguru chapel, the local church in the community, currently offers the church hall as a learning room, but unfortunately the place lacks adequate furniture and has a dusty floor. It was the joint initiative of the school’s Centre Management Committee and the self-help groups, supported by AEE and Help a Child, to give the young students their own facility. It was such a thrill that the entire community of Anguru village came together to lay 7,000 bricks to construct 3 classrooms for the children. This initiative gave the community a real sense of unity and solidarity. Damiano, one of the self-help group members: “This nursery has brought development in my village; I already see change in my village.” The construction itself is planned for the 3rd quarter this year.