What’s Up, Girls?!


Year of completion: 2017
Location: Rumbek-East, South-Sudan

What’s up Girls?! was implemented by Help a Child and Across with funds from UKAID via the GEC window. The project aimed to improve access and quality of Girls’ Education in Rumbek East County, South Sudan, focusing on three key stakeholder groups: girls, teachers and parents/community. A fourth pillar of the project was targeting external stakeholders like other NGOs, churches and local government.

Main results


Number of girls supported

+89.7 %

Teachers that improved their skills


Improvement of average literacy score

What’s Up, Girls?! supported girls to complete a full cycle of primary education and improve their learning outcomes by the end of the project. Key activities were:

  • Setting up community dialogues to challenge harmful socio-cultural practices.
  • Life skills training for girls and boys.
  • Introducing ‘School Mothers’ to track and coach girls.
  • Facilitation of teacher training with an element of ‘needs of girls in class.
  • Engagement of external stakeholders, such as local government, churches and other NGOs.

“We now know how to read and count because we were encouraged...Now we read at night because there is peace in our community and our parents know the importance of education.”

Girl in School Atyaba Payam

What’s Up, Girls?! documentary

“Thanks to the What’s Up Project, I feel stronger. I am more confident. The project helps us to take away our shyness and to be ourselves.”

– Girl, participating in What’s Up.


Watch the beautiful documentary of Jan-Willem den Bok.

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