Early Childhood Education

Track Record

Help a Child is experienced in empowering and mobilizing (rural) communities around schools and Early Childhood Development centers. Through awareness-raising, training and coaching, lobbying, and supporting various community structures, we improve the capacity and quality of early childhood services in a holistic and sustainable way.

Early Childhood Development Statistics 2020


Number of young children supported

The key role for Help a Child Rwanda in the revision of Teacher Training Curriculum

Rwanda is in the middle of revising the Teacher Training College curriculum to make it competence-based and align it with pre-primary and primary education. Since 2016, Help a Child Rwanda has supported this process in various ways. In 2016, we assisted in curriculum writing and came up with interventions to increase the quality of curriculum delivery to new teachers. In 2019, Help a Child facilitated a teacher training weekend in partnership with the Rwanda Education Board to present the final pre-primary teaching syllabus to representatives of all 16 Rwandan Teacher Training Colleges. Moreover, Help a Child recruited  Early Childhood Education Mentors to provide day-to-day coaching to tutors of three selected Teacher Training Colleges for two full years. The effects of this intervention are described in Teacher Training College CBC Support Project Endline Report.

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