Minister compliments Help a Child South Sudan

“On behalf of the National Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare I wish to convey my word of thanks and appreciation to Help a Child, along with it’s phenomenal staff members.”

This quote is part of the complimentary personal letter, that Help a Child South Sudan received yesterday. The sender of this message is none other than the Hon. Aya Benjamin Libo Wanille, Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare-RSS. The appraisal was written after the Minister officially opened the distribution process of COVID-19 prevention materials at the Saint Mary Church in Gudele (Juba) last week on the invitation of Help a Child.

“Help a Child lived up to its promise”
In the letter, The Minister continues to say that “To be candid the launching of distribution of the non-food items project on August 17th was wonderful, creditable and meticulously organized for that matter.” Most importantly, the Minister expresses that “Help a Child lived up to its promise, therefore in a very short time managed to implement this pilot project, to meet some needs of the vulnerable groups within the targeted area,” and that the Minister looks forward to “…seeing Help a Child implementing similar projects at a wider scale…”. The minister closes her writing by stating: “I will do every effort to help and support Help a Child, need should be.”

The encouraging and warmhearted words of the Minister have inspired Help a Child and its staff even more to live up to our promises and to deliver effective, efficient and timely support to those who need our support the most: in South Sudan and in every place where we carry out our programs. We thank the Minister for her very kind words and support.

The COVID-19 prevention packages, consisting of water gallon and bucket, soap and masks, are ready for distribution.
A female beneficiary receiving the prevention items during the official opening of the distribution pilot in Gudele, Juba.
The letter of the Minister of Health, Child and Social Welfare RSS, sent to Help a Child.