Help a Child releases corona awareness clip

“Coronavirus ni ikiza casasitse inganda kw’isi. Twese hamwe tuyirinde.” (Corona virus is a pandemic, killing so much people. Let’s protect ourselves). A few lines from the corona awareness clip that has been released in Burundi. The production, initiated by Help a Child, is a strong (and swinging!) message for the people of Burundi in times of the pandemic.

With starring musicians like Vichoux Love, Chany Queen, Emery-sun and many others, this song is a delight for the ear. During national elections, the clip brightened up the day of people standing in queue at a few polling stations in Bujumbura. Within a few days the song has entered the top 20 of the RFM music chart. “This is a great opportunity to make people aware of healthy behaviour in times of corona. People that otherwise would not have been reached, for example because they are illiterate or live in remote areas, internalize the message just by singing along,” Country Programme Director Clement Nkubizi explains. Even his own children fight to play the song in the car or at home, he admits. This might have to do with the fact that Clement and his son play a small role in the clip.
Both song and clip were developed in partnership with Black Pyramid, American Friends Service Committee and a long row of well known musicians. Nkubizi: “So many role models, using their talents and vibes together to raise awareness. That is a very powerful image.


All Stars Corna Awareness Clip

Besides the mentioned artists, these musicians contributed to the All Stars clip: Big-fizzo, Kidum, Kim-ced, Easter niche, Augustin, Arfled, Lolilo, Sat-B, Romeo, Brith. (Producer: Big Bass | Music: Armani | Mixage: Brith).