Youth & Work

Youth are the parents of tomorrow and at a critical point in determining whether they will escape the trap of poverty. Help a Child Rwanda empowers marginalized youth to prepare them for decent work opportunities, and to be able to grow out of poverty. Help a Child’s key activities:

  • Forming and building the capacity of youth groups so that they gain life skills, begin saving, and take action to further their development.
  • Supporting youth to learn modern farming techniques and exploit agriculture as an income generating opportunity.
  • Providing technical and vocational training so that youth create their own off-farm jobs.
  • Linking youth to each other so that they form cooperatives and conduct joint advocacy on district level.

Help a Child developed EPIC program (Economic Development With Impact on Children), an approach that combines many programs implemented by Help a Child and partners. In this vido, you see 17 years old Reverien from Rwamagana, Rwanda. Together with his parents and brothers and sisters and facilitated by one of the model farmers in his village, he made a farm plan to produce sufficient and nutritious food ánd to create opportunities for economic development and employment.