Early Childhood Development

Brain research has shown that what happens in the first 3 years of a child’s life, impacts his or her future health, education, and economic outcomes. Therefore, Help a Child Rwanda aims to ensure that children receive the stimulation and care they need to reach their full potential. Help a Child Rwanda promotes early childhood development by:

  • Providing parenting education to parents of young children (0-6 years).
  • Supporting communities to construct and manage quality Early Childhood Development Centers.
  • Training pre-primary teachers to provide a quality learning environment for young children.
  • Building the capacity of government institutes to implement their ECD/E policies and aspirations.


Help a Child Rwanda recognizes that parents are children’s first and best teachers. Parents must be empowered with information and skills to keep their child healthy and respond to their child with loving care. Help a Child Rwanda provides explicit parenting education, income generation support, linkages to service providers, and a connection to schools.



ECD impressions

ECD center, established in Bugesera, with joint efforts of the Cluster Level Association, partner organization Africa Evangelistic Enterprise and Help a Child.
Model kitchen garden in front of the ECD center. Through self-help groups, parents get skilled in growing nutritious crops. These and other activities help to beat the disturbing stunting rate among children below 5, which is 38%.