Our Theory of Change


This picture shows Help a Child’s step-by-step logic behind our ultimate goal: to improve the wellbeing of children in need in a sustainable way, so that they can have a life in dignity, with love and with a promising future.

Step 1: overall objective

Our Theory of Change starts in the center with our overall objective: to improve the wellbeing of children in need, enabling them to live their lives in dignity and to the fullest.


Step 2: holistic child development

Holistic child development is at the core of our Theory of Change. It means that we take into regard all four dimensions of child wellbeing: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Step 3: anticipated results

There are four anticipated results that contribute to the improvement of holistic child wellbeing: one about children themselves, one about youth, one about parents and one about the surrounding community.

Step 4: our main strategies

Help a Child uses three main strategies to contribute to the envisioned impact: we set up and facilitate groups, we arrange access to basic needs and transfer of knowledge and skills, and we partner with external actors as much as possible.




Theory of Change