Our donors

We value our donors for supporting our mission! In the last few years, we have carried out a number of quality projects thanks to the support of donors such as:

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • DIF (2018 – now) | The DRA Innovation Fund (DIF) is a fund to encourage the use of outside expertise and stronger evidence-based approaches within the humanitarian aid sector. Both in 2018 and in 2019 Help a Child was granted for their innovative proposals around gender-based violence in DRC and psychosocial support of young children if IDPs in South Sudan.
  • DRA (2017 – now) | The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) is a coalition of 16 Dutch aid and humanitarian organizations, funded through a partnership with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Help a Child is a member of DRA and is currently active in joint relief responses in DRC, Somalia and South Sudan.
  • ARC (2017-2021) | With the “Addressing Root Causes (ARC)” fund, MFA aims to tackle the root causes of armed conflict, instability and irregular migration. Help a Child uses this fund in Burundi to implement its project “Building Bridges in Burundi” to improve the social and economic resilience of youth and their capacity to mitigate and address conflicts in Burundi.


Comic Relief
(2019 – now ) | Together with Comic Relief, Help a Child Malawi improve the quality of care to children 0-8, by establishing well-functioning community-based care centers, parenting training, a smooth transition to primary school and increased involvement of stakeholders such as local government.



(2018-now) | In Rwanda, Help a Child partners with Unicef to support government scale-up of ECD services. The cooperation includes the establishment of two cost-effective ECD centers en the establishment of an ECD home visitation programme for children aged 0-35 months.

Positive Action for Children Fund
(2015-2018) | Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) ViiV Healthcare supports programs focused on the health and wellbeing of women, orphans and vulnerable children around the globe, among which Help a Child’s programme in Malawi.



(2013-2017) | With funding under the ‘Girls’ Education Challenge – Innovation’ window, Help a Child contributed to improved life chances of marginalized girls in South Sudan through the project ‘What’s Up Girls?!’


DG-DEVCO / EuropeAid
(2013 – 2016) | With EuropeAid’s funding for education interventions in Zambia, Help a Child implemented a project named “Community Education: The Engine For Sustainable Development”.


Help a Child works together with many other foundations, local and international organizations, and not to forget: a very loyal constituency consisting of private sponsors, companies, churches and schools. We are grateful for your warmhearted and generous support!