'A Community Initiative for an HIV Free Generation' showing great results.

I want to help pregnant women to deliver HIV negative babies so that we end HIV by 2030           (Oreen Phiri, Mother Buddy).

What is needed to make sure zero babies are born HIV positive in Luwerezi, Mzimba? Help a Child and Livingstonia Synods Aids Program (LISAP) completed a three year program with funding from the Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) to bring down the transmission of HIV from parent to child. Indeed we say 'parent', because this community initiative is all about involving both mother and father. Knowing your HIV status together and what to do to prevent the virus to be passed on to your child is where it starts. It is possible and it is one of the successes of the project that was completed.

The project was implemented between April 2015 and March 2018 in Luwerezi, (Traditional Authority Mwabilabo) in Mzimba district in Northern Malawi.

Main results

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Watch the 4 min. documentary 'Every footstep counts' about Mother Buddy Oreen Phiri, check out our Full Evaluation Report or the download the Good Practices.


Story behind the picture

‘I am a wise man, I go to the antenatal clinics with my wife’
Mayiko (35)

‘It was the happiest moment of my life: the first time I held my child in my hands. I am so proud of my baby; she is perfect. I love my wife and I am so happy that we, together, received this blessing from God. When we discovered my wife was pregnant we went for the first antenatal visit together, because the Mother Buddy advised us to do this. I also wanted firsthand information and I thought that, if my wife would go alone, she might miss some information. There are also husbands that don’t come along, but it is getting more common for men to go to the hospital. I am a wise man; I go. In the end, I am the one responsible for this pregnancy. My wife told me that she was very happy and proud that I came with her to the antennal clinics. It makes her feel loved. Sometimes we observed a problem during the pregnancy, like stomach aches. We went to the Mother Buddy and asked what it could be. She really supported us and told us how my wife could stay healthy. She also said: “If something is wrong with your wife, then rush to the hospital”. Now the child is born and it’s perfectly healthy. We named her “Vinjeru” meaning “wisdom”. I never expected to have a family like this, and I will do everything to make sure my child can finish higher education.’


This project is made possible with funding from Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) and was implemented in close partnership with LISAP


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