Food Security & Livelihoods

As for Food Security and Livelihoods (FSL), Help a Child is active in all three stages of relief as defined by UNOCHA. In all stages, Help a Child gives special attention to families with sick or malnourished children, unaccompanied children, pregnant and lactating mothers and other most vulnerable people, such as disabled and elderly people. Our main activities:

Relief phase
Lifesaving, food-related assistance by:

  • Provision of food, seeds and tools, and vegetable kits.
  • Coordinating Children and Mother Supplementary Food Programs.
  • Provision of cash grants.

Recovery phase
Rebuild livelihood assets by:

  • Starting and facilitating agricultural training.
  • Establishment and facilitation of self-help groups.
  • Small livestock provision and training.

Longer-term resilience building phase
Sustainable livelihood development by:

  • Engaging Agricultural Vocational Education and Training, with a link to integrated farm planning (PIP).
  • Farmer Groups, life skills training, and link to markets.
  • Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction.

FSL Statistics 2019


People supported with direct food provision


People supported with tools and training