Emergency Education

"Emergencies and protracted crises directly affect the education of more than 75 million of the world’s children, with more than half of the world’s children of primary age living in countries affected by crisis."

Nicolai et al., 'Education cannot wait' (2016)

Within an emergency context. the emphasis of Help a Child for education is on Early Childhood Education and taking away barriers for primary education. Establishment of Child Friendly Spaces is an often essntential condition to be able to offer a safe environment for playing, socializing and learning. Where possible, Help a Child supports and facilitates vocational training as well. Our main activities:

  • Involving the community in education for all.
  • Establishment / facilitation of  Child Friendly Spaces.
  • Remove barriers for boys and girls to access school, including children with a disability.
  • Improve quality of teaching by facilitating teacher training, including safe school training.
  • Rehabilitate facilities or establish (temporary) structures.