The story of Maundu


“I was amazed. I always thought he was the only one.”

This is 11-years old Maundu from Mavindini, Kenya. The first ten years of his life, Maundu did not see any daylight. His family kept him hidden in their home because of his disability. “I thought we were the only family with a child like this,” his mother Elisabeth explains.

“Every moment of the day, I felt afraid and stressed out: I did not want our neighbours to see Maundu. It was painful to see him suffer. I even prayed God to take my life.” The staff of Help a Child came in contact with Elisabeth. They encouraged her to take her son to a meeting for people with a disability. “I will never forget that day,” Elisabeth recalls, “Maundu was outside his home for the very first time to meet other people. I was amazed! I always thought he was the only one. But I saw other children and even people of my age with a disability. That changed everything!”

“Even now, some people are afraid to come here. But I love my son and I will not hide him any longer!”

Elisabeth took the brave decision to no longer hide her son. “Even now, some people are afraid to come here, because they think that Maundu is bewitched. But I love my son and I will not hide him any longer!” Whenever possible, she lays Maundu on a mattress outside. “He loves to look at his brothers and sisters when they are playing football. You can see the smile on his face. The word ‘bread’ makes him very happy, because that is his favorite food.”
Finally, Maundu receives the support he needs. Elisabeth: “Maundu sees a physiotherapist now and the staff of Help a Child are helping me to arrange a wheelchair. I became a member of a self-help group, supported by Help a Child. Through this group I am able to save money and receive a loan. I use this to buy medicines for Maundu. Our life has changed for the better and I thank God for it!”

Elisabeth doing her daily cores, while Maundu watches her from his mattress.