Economic Empowerment

From fragile families to flourishing villages. That is the intended impact of Help a Child for the communities we work in. Within 5-7 years, we enable these communities to get from A to B. Help a Child does this by:

  • Income generation for (young) parents
  • Integrated farm planning (Plan Intégré du Paysan or PIP)
  • Establishment and training of producer groups
  • Training on Climate-Smart Agriculture and Green Curriculum
  • Making a link to value chain development
Help a Child’s EPIC approach

Economic development for poor rural communities, with a special focus on children

Economic resilience is an important condition for child wellbeing. However, this does not mean that children automatically benefit from economic development. Therefore, Help a Child designed the Economic Program with Impact on Children (EPIC): a program for fragile, rural communities, with special attention to children’s needs.


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