Towards peaceful coexistence

A strong bridge is not built in one day. The same applies to bridging social differences and suspicion in a fractured society like Burundi. Involving all layers of the community towards more trust and social cohesion. That is what the Building Bridges in Burundi (BBB) Programme was all about. In this 17 minutes video, many representatives of stakeholder groups testify how the BBB programme has helped them change their attitudes, skills and practices towards peaceful coexistence.

Juba: “I have overcome my past wounds”

My father was kidnapped and died when I was 8 years old. My mother had no job and could not take care of a family of six children. This bad situation pushed me to tell myself that if my father was still alive, this would not have happened. Thus the hatred against the other ethnic group increased further to the point of wanting to avenge me in my turn. Then, through the Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services (THARS) mission, I was introduced to the BBB program. The listening, discussion and reconciliation sessions positively changed my life and vision.

United, we are the living force of our country.”

“This kind of training has been beneficial for me. I have overcome my past wounds and together with others, even young people from different ethnic groups than mine, we are doing common projects and focusing our vision on our better tomorrow. We were also made aware of integrating savings and loan associations. Today, I have my own vegetable patch and I do my own soap business. This program proves that together we can build something solid. United, we are the living force for the development of the country.”




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