The story of Toyese



“My kitchen is a comfortable place to be now. It brings my family closer together.”

As a 45-years old farmer from Zigit Merchie Kebele village, Toyese has been engaged in farming activities for more than 25 years. Together with her husband she is blessed with four children. Their home is situated in the rural highlands and is equipped with a traditional stove. For cooking, Toyese consumed high amounts of firewood, an expensive and above all time-consuming resource. “Before I joined the project, my kitchen was full of smoke. It was harmful for my eyes and sometimes it was hard to breath. Together with my children, I needed to go far to collect the firewood. All together, the process of cooking took a lot of time. I felt like I could not have any quality time with my family and our children could find hardly any time to play with their peers or do their homework.”

“I felt like I could not have any quality time with my family.”

In 2015, Toyese became a member of the self-help group, facilitated by Help a Child. Here, together with other members, she was trained on the use of a fuel stove, nutritional food preparation, child well-being, and home gardening. It was after these training that she decided to practice the whole package of training. Back to home, she arranged the fuel and taught her husband and others about the usage. “My kitchen is a comfortable place to be now, “Toyese tells, “It brings my family closer together. We save fire wood and it reduces the workload of me and my children.”

Toyese showing the fuel stove in her kitchen.

Toyese and her husband are amazed about the impact of this single adjustment. In their community, they are creating awareness and in the near future, they are planning make the stove available for others against minimal costs. This will contribute to their daily income as well.”