Integrated Community Development Program

Help a Child Burundi runs two Integrated Community Development Programs: one in Cibitoke and one in Kirundo. These programs aim at improving the living conditions of children and youth in target areas by strengthening livelihoods and resilience in the community. Key elements of the approach are Self Help Groups (SHGs) and technical training related to various promising value chains.

Interventions strengthen the capacity of communities to actively participate in community development projects. Sustained development can only be achieved if community members are engaged and have the skills to participate in all phases of project design and implementation. They furthermore focus on strengthening the livelihoods of local communities to improve food security. Farmers’ groups are introduced to modern agricultural techniques and access to agricultural inputs that can increase food productivity. Partners use their experiences to create viable linkages between different stakeholders in value chains and to link farmers’ groups to input suppliers and markets in the region.

To increase the access of young people to formal and informal employment, vocational training is offered. Incubation centers are established in the communities and used to attract unemployed youth to generate income through agriculture as a business. The harvested products are sold to generate revenue. The program activities serve as a model of transformation; young people able to take ownership of their lives will change the mind of the community.