Our corporate identity

Our mission
Help a Child provides a future for children in need, their family, and their entire community.

Our vision
As a Christian non-profit organization Help a Child wants every child – regardless of their social, political, religious, ethnic or economic background – to have a life in dignity, with love and with a promising future.


We support children and families in need, because we follow Jesus Christ, who showed us God’s love for mankind. The Bible teaches us to pass on God’s love, to be merciful, to bring justice, to reconcile and to be good stewards. These Christian principles inspire us to give our best in all circumstances. Our corporate values are:

We value every child
We believe that every child is a unique gift from God, made in His image. We include all children, no matter their background, religion or abilities.

We empower people
We encourage children, youth, and adults to use their God-given abilities. We strengthen community structures and mobilize local resources.

We are faithful
We are trustworthy and accountable to the ones we support and the ones supporting us. We use our resources wisely, effectively, and efficiently.

We embrace partnership
We work with others based on equality and respect. We are loyal and honest and expect the same from our partners.

We learn and adjust
We are open-minded and eager to learn. We appreciate feedback and we learn from our mistakes.

‘Orphans starving.’ This short and alarming message from India meant the start of Help a Child. After receiving this telegram in 1966, Mr. Hans Rookmaaker and his wife, Mrs. Anky Rookmaaker-Huitker decided to raise awareness about the difficult situation of children in India. They published an article in the Dutch church magazine ‘Opbouw’. The response was overwhelming and a lot of donations came in. This resulted in the establishment of Help a Child, on 28 March, 1968.