“Vijana Tunaweza”. This Swahili phrase can be translated by 'Youth, we can' or 'Youth, we are able'. Yes, we can make a difference by working together. This strong motto bring hope in several villages in the 'Ruzizi plain' where Help a Child is implementing an SHG project through in cooperation with Help Channel Congo.

In Biriba village, people did not produce rice since 1982. With and through “Vijana Tunaweza project”, youths gathered in 7 SHG and planted 10ha of rice. They already harvested 64 tons of rice while an estimated other 20 tones are still in the field waiting to be harvested.

In Kabunambo, the nearest neighboring village of Biriba, youths decided to follow the SHG dynamic. They started 2 SHG in their village and Help Channel Congo accepted to support them. They have a purpose to produce rice or any other crops (mostly maize) like youths in Biriba and expect then to be competitive and relevant stakeholders in the local market. We (Help a Child and Help Channel Congo) are working with them to contribute to this purpose.

Self Help Group approach has proved that people can achieve amazing things with limited resources. It does not have any meaning for wealthier countries, but for a village in a poor and fragile country like DR Congo, this is sometime an eloquent narrative.

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