Help a Child and Livingstonia Synods Aids Program (LISAP) completed a three year program with funding from the Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) to bring down the transmission of HIV from parent to child. Help us to raise even more awareness about HIV and give your vote for our movie 'Every footstep counts' about this successful program.

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What is needed to make sure zero babies are born with HIV? 'The Community Initiative for a HIV free Generation' is all about involving both mother and father. Knowing your HIV status together and what to do to prevent the virus to be passed on to your child is where it starts. This is one of the successes of the program that was completed.

The program was implemented between April 2015 and March 2018 in Luwerezi, (Traditional Authority Mwabilabo) in Mzimba district in Northern Malawi. And it shows amazing results, under which these:

  • 92% of pregnant women went at least 4 times to ANC compared to 45% in 2015;
  • 86% of the fathers joined in at least one of the ANC visits compared to 20% in 2015;
  • Out of 44 babies born from a HIV positive mother only one child was tested positive on HIV after six weeks.

Watch the movie and give your vote or read more about the program, find a best practices publication and evaluation report here.




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