"I have known that everything is possible with a willing heart and am prepared to move forward. I know I will succeed”, says Philomena, a married woman from Mavindini, Kenya. She has five children and they are all in school. This was not always the case.

Philomena: " As I have tasted true poverty, I also have tasted the effects of development." Things started changing through interaction of Help a Child Africa. Philomena became a member of the women's self-help group. She received training on business entrepreneurship and on various aspects of household development including needs identification and prioritization. This has helped her make great steps towards improving her family’s life situation such as setting up a family business for income generation and purchased a water tank for harvesting of clean rain water. With the introduction of agribusiness program through Help a Child Africa, Philomena engaged herself in poultry farming business. She started with 20 chickens and with the support of het husband and children, now owns over 200.
As a result Philomena has become a major supplier of chicks and eggs in the community and has also benefits from sale of the mature chicken. This has raised her level of income generation and the children’s welfare immensely. Philomena: "The self-help group has transformed my life fully. I am able to cater for the needs of my family better. I have been able to do so many things because of SHG. I have three children in high school and I pay their school fees through sale of the eggs produced by my chicken. Every week I earn approximately Ksh. 2000 from sale of eggs and I am happy as this helps me to meet our needs." Philomena looks forward to become a large scale poultry farmer and a supplier within and beyond the county. She thanks Help a Child for the light that shines on her path to development.

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